SOS Online Backup provides a solid online data backup service, offering both home and business users secure transfers and storage, an intuitive control panel, unlimited versioning and the ability to share large files. They recently added backup support for Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. You can also back up files from up to five computers, but the service limits users to 50GB or 100GB of storage space.

The service provides a solid set of backup tools that include unlimited versioning, global access, instant backup of changed or new files, large file sharing, and much more. The unlimited versioning is a major feature, giving you access to all versions of your files, in case you need to find an older version of your document, or you accidentally deleted one. Similar online data backup services usually limit versioning to 30 days.

This online data backup service provides Live Protect, which will back up selected files as they’re changed, meaning that even the smallest changes in your files are backed up and protected in real time.

You can access your files with this online data backup service from anywhere using a web browser, so no matter which computer you are using, you can access your files without having to download software; all you need is your username and password. The company also provides access to backup files via an app for iPhone and Blackberry users.

They recently added support for backing up a variety of mobile and handheld devices, including iPhones, iPads and Android devices, for an additional monthly fee.

SOS offers triple security to protect the privacy of your data; it encrypts your information on your computer, in transit and when received. You can also add a private password that no one has access to except you so your files are 100 percent protected. This feature is called SOS UltraSafe and it restricts the access to your password – even to SOS employees.

During file transmission, the company uses 256-bit AES and 128-bit encryption methods across an SSL link, and it provides redundant storage, which means your files are saved in more than one physical location. With this added protection, your data is safe even if something happens to one of the company's servers; your information is still secure and accessible from another SOS server. SOS provides more than adequate security and surpasses many services with its encryption protocols.

Home users can pay an annual subscription fee and back up as many as five Windows or Mac computers. However, the total storage space is limited to 50GB or 100GB; similar online data backup services provide unlimited space for an annual subscription.

The main control panel has a welcoming interface that offers you the choice to back up or restore online or locally. The file organization structure is similar to the structure Microsoft and Apple software uses.

SOS also supports simple drag-and-drop folder selection, and its setting preferences are straightforward and easy to figure out. We did not have to consult the help files too often to understand how to use this backup service.

SOS offers several support options. Online, you can look through its FAQs and comprehensive, searchable knowledgebase. You may have to log in to your account to receive total support. When we were not logged in, we clicked on downloads and news and it did not provide us with any information. Additionally, the service provides chat and telephone options for direct support.

SOS Online Backup Summary:

SOS Online Backup has some great security features, unlimited versioning and real-time file backup for selected files and it is easy to use. While you can back up files on up to five computers, your total backup space is limited to a maximum of 100GB.


SOS Online Backup

SOS provides unlimited versioning and now supports Macs, iPhones and other mobile devices.

You’re limited to 50GB or 100GB with a home plan.

The Verdict
: 7.38/10

This is an affordable online data backup service, though the price is a little high for limited storage space.