SOS Online Backup is an online data backup service that provides your important photos, videos and documents a safe harbor, free from the potential data loss of a stolen or destroyed computer. Even if disaster or theft never threatens your sentimental files, time always does. Your hard drive will fail. It's not a matter of if, but when. SOS Online Backup has the backup and restore tools to make sure your files are safe.

Comparable to the best online data backup services, SOS Online Backup offers an unlimited storage plan at an affordable cost. Unlimited cloud storage is critical if you're looking to back up a lifetime of photos, videos, music and documents because your need for storage will grow throughout your life. In addition, unlike with many data backup services that limit your file size to 5GB or 10GB, you can back up any file size. This is especially important for high-definition video files.

With SOS Online Backup, you get unlimited file archiving. This feature records multiple versions of same file instead of overwriting the old backed-up version with a new backed-up version. This acts as a safety net that allows you to restore past versions of a file in the event that you make unnecessary or unwanted changes to the file. Most data backup solutions either limit file archiving to a specific number of versions or a specific period. Unlimited file archiving means you can access and restore any version of a file. Past versions of a file are never deleted from the servers unless manually deleted.

The only significant backup feature missing from SOS Online Backup is bandwidth throttle controls. This tool allows you to customize how much of your internet bandwidth is used to back up or restore. Without it, backing up large amounts of data can slow down your internet connection. To avoid this, you'll have to schedule backups for times when you're not using your computer.

For security, SOS Online Backup uses a triple-layer, 256-bit AES encryption process that ensures your important files are safe from prying eyes. This includes encryption for transfer, encryption for storage and an owner-controlled encryption key. File encryption is an important safety feature because it keeps your files from being viewed should a hacker gain access to your account.

In addition, the UltraSafe MAX security feature gives you the encryption key, which means you are the only person who can view your files. Even government agencies can't view your sensitive documents. The only downside to this security feature is that you are responsible for remembering and maintaining the encryption key – a password that decrypts the files. If you lose or forget the encryption key, your data is unrecoverable. SOS cannot reset the encryption key, because it's never stored on the cloud.

One security feature that's missing is remote wipe. This tool allows you to delete files on your computer from a different computer by using your online account. This tool is valuable for deleting sensitive data from a stolen computer, minimizing the potential for having your identity stolen as well.

SOS Online Backup Summary:

SOS Online Backup is one of the best online data backup services because it offers unlimited cloud storage and file archiving. You also get triple-layer security that promises to keep your files safe. However, you can't control the bandwidth usage or customize share folder permissions.


SOS Online Backup 5

There's unlimited storage and file archiving.

There isn't bandwidth throttle controls, remote wipe or share folder permissions.

The Verdict:

SOS Online Backup is a good option for online data backup because there's no limit to the amount of data you can back up or to the file versions you can restore.