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IDrive Pro Personal Review

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PROS / Its data storage centers are geo-redundant.

CONS / Online data storage is not unlimited.

 VERDICT / Despite the fact that it does not offer unlimited online backup, IDrive still ranks among the best cloud services for its top-notch security, comprehensive mobile support and numerous technical support channels.

IDrive is the only company in our top three choices for best cloud backup services that doesn't offer unlimited online storage. This says a lot for the quality of IDrive's support, security, mobile functionality and host of backup features. The winner of our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award, IDrive Pro Personal has many high-quality attributes that outperform some of the better-known and recognized names on our list.

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  1. The maximum limit on the size of a file that can be uploaded to the service.
    More is better (9999 = unlimited)
  2. 2 IDrive
    9999 GB (Gigabytes)
  3. 9999 GB (Gigabytes)
  4. 9999 GB (Gigabytes)
  5. Category Average
    9999.00 GB (Gigabytes)

Backup & Restore Features

Even though IDrive doesn't offer truly unlimited cloud storage capacity, it offers enough space to satisfy most people's needs for online data backup. Pro Personal accounts start out with 1TB of space and can be expanded to a maximum of 10TB. There is no limit to the size of files you can upload to your cloud space, as long as you have the necessary room to store it.

The IDrive dashboard is user friendly and lets you perform a variety of tasks important in the organized storage of your digital files. The program's scheduler lets you specify precisely when IDrive will run backups. This is done to ensure that any changes you make to a file on your computer are copied to the cloud for safekeeping. If you make changes to a file but want to revert to an earlier version for any reason, IDrive's file versioning saves up to 30 previous versions of all files for an indefinite period of time. Likewise, if you delete a file from your IDrive online data storage, you have 30 days to recover it. These file versioning and deleted file recovery limitations are significantly lower than many other services, which place no limits on either.

IDrive's backup and restore features also include the ability to share files that you have stored to the cloud with others via email, Facebook or Twitter. You can also set a secure password that will only allow people with access to view your files. Online file sync is another included feature that ensures that changes to your saved files are instantly synced across all of your connected devices.


To protect against hacking and unauthorized access to your personal information, IDrive backup encrypts your files with 256-bit AES encryption during and after transfer. Additional security measures, including constant video surveillance, motion detectors and alarms, physically protect IDrive's data centers from unauthorized entry. The physical safety of all data center equipment is further safeguarded through fire suppression systems, raised floors to protect against floods and seismically braced racks. To top it off, all of your stored data is once again mirrored to a separate IDrive data facility, offering the most secure level of geo-redundancy available in the industry.

Mobile Access

IDrive has a mobile app that operates on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Using the mobile app, you can remotely access any of your stored files and download them to your mobile device. The app also gives you the flexibility to share your files with others via email or social media just like you can from your desktop. Where IDrive's mobile app outdoes most others is in its added ability to back up data from your smartphone to the cloud. Most other online data backup mobile apps support just photo and video backup, but the IDrive mobile app can also be set to back up other smartphone files, like texts and contacts lists.

Help & Support

Getting answers to questions and locating resources on how to perform specific tasks is made easy with IDrive. Help and support channels include telephone support during business hours, and email and live chat support available 24 hours a day. Procedures are well documented, and you can find a host of how-to articles, video tutorial and FAQs. There is even a dedicated online forum where you can post questions to be answered by official moderators or other, experienced IDrive users.


Offering generous storage space of up to 10TB, IDrive Pro Personal is one of the best cloud backup services we have seen. It boasts high-level security, comprehensive support channels, excellent mobile app functionality and a variety of features that fully automate your backup needs. File versioning and deleted file recovery are limited but may have little impact on you if these are not features you think you will use on a regular basis.

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