IDrive online data backup features an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface and solid backup tools. It’s simple to set up and schedule your backups, manage bandwidth use, complete quick data restores and back up your files on mapped drives. IDrive’s pricing plans may be a bit higher than similar services, and you’ll see your available storage space fill up fast when backing up multiple systems.

IDrive includes many of the best backup tools found in the online backup services we reviewed. You can schedule backups by the day, week or month, at the time of your choosing. IDrive allows you to set bandwidth usage, preventing your system from slowing down during a backup and disturbing you while you’re working.

This online data backup service provides some quality advanced versioning options which will save up to 30 versions of your files for 30 days, including those deleted from your computer. So if you were to accidentally delete a file, you can easily restore it with IDrive and get back to work.

This service provides continuous backup, and you can configure it to back up changes in files as often as every 10 minutes. You can also use IDrive to back up mapped drives such as external devices connected to your computer. You can even restore data from a specific time, and not just from the most recent backup.

With the IDrive Pro version, you get the additional ability to manage multiple accounts with a single account. In addition, you can set up IDrive to work through a connection via a proxy network.

This online data backup service allows you to view and manage your files from any computer with internet access. However, like many services, you cannot restore files or sync to a second computer without a second IDrive account. The service does not offer specific cell phone tools, and we would like to see it add more file-sharing tools and tools for sharing large files.

For security, IDrive online data backup service uses 128-bit SSL encryption for transfers and 256-bit AES encryption for storage, with a user-defined key. This is pretty good security for transfer and storage for your data.

While IDrive Pro for Business offers up to 1TB of backup storage space, home users can likely take advantage of this amount of storage as well. Otherwise, IDrive Pro for personal use maxes out at 150GB, and IDrive Pro Family Pack hits 500GB. However, there is an unlimited backup space plan at an affordable price, but it’s for one computer only.

Available for both Mac and PC, IDrive online backup service offers a clean, easy-to-understand interface, with a file manager that displays files and folders similar to the way the Windows OS does. Upon initial setup, it can even pull all the files it thinks you might want to back up automatically, and then you can simply check the folders or files that you want to back up to the IDrive servers. You can also manually select the files and folders you want to back up.

This online data backup service is one of the easiest services to use; it only takes a matter of seconds to schedule automatic backups with preferences such as email notifications and bandwidth use. It is easy to do things like set up excluded files and folders, and restoring files takes just a few clicks.

IDrive provides good help and support options for its subscribers, who can contact support representatives by telephone, email or chat. The company also has online FAQs, user manuals, a product demo and quite a bit of information on product features. In addition, IDrive has also posted useful information such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and SEC/NASD compliance information.

IDrive Summary:

The online data backup service that IDrive provides offers outstanding backup tools and is easy to use. The company provides a variety of backup space options, and it has more than adequate support, including around-the-clock email support and instant chat support. The pricing structure could be better, though, because several similar backup services are more affordable than it is.



IDrive’s tools are top-notch and easy to use, plus you can back up five family computers.

You will run out of space quickly when you back up multiple computers.

The Verdict
: 8.25/10

IDrive is a quality backup service with solid tools, but it is a tad expensive.