The online data backup service ADrive offers plans from 50GB of secure storage space up to a jaw-dropping 10TB. This service will back up your files and data via its web interface quickly and painlessly. The features and options that come with this service are solid and what you’d expect, but the price increases as you add more storage space or additional computers.

ADrive features two distinct online data backup services, Signature and Premium. The Signature offers only 50GB of storage space, while Premium starts at 100GB and can be increased to 10TB of space. They have an app called ADrive Desktop, developed using Adobe AIR, making it compatible with Windows, Apple and Linux computers. The ADrive Desktop app will allow you to schedule your system’s backups, plus it gives you access to the backed-up data.

This online data backup service has a file history feature, so you can track down older versions of your files in case you accidentally delete the current version. You can access your data from any computer, using any modern browser, and with ADrive's Signature and Premium versions, you can run concurrent sessions across several computers.

ADrive also supports file sharing and remote file transfers. You can also easily share your files once they’re uploaded by clicking the Share button to get a special link to email to the people with whom you’d like to share your files.

If you need to update a document online, ADrive’s Zoho Online Document Editor allows those who subscribe to its online data backup service to edit their documents from their online account. ADrive provides SSL secure transfers and encrypted storage. Before ADrive uploads your data to its servers, it encrypts all of your files for secure transmission and storage.

ADrive is the only service that gives more than the 1 or 2GB of free backup storage that most online data backup services offer. It offers up to 50GB of free backup space in its basic plan. However, there are many limitations to the free service. It does not include the ADrive Desktop app or the file history feature, and you’ll have to look at a bunch of advertisements when you use the service.

The Signature plan includes 50GB of backup space at a relatively affordable price, and it includes many of the features that are lacking in the basic plan. The Premium plan starts at 100GB and goes all the way up to a surprising 10TB of space. However, the price rises into the tens of thousands of dollars at that point.

We used the online version of ADrive and found that it's a bit more difficult to use than other online data backup services’ interfaces are. In addition, while using Firefox, we could not move to other open webpages during a transfer, so in a sense it locked us down.

However, the new ADrive Desktop app makes it much easier to schedule automatic backups, share files and use the Zoho Online Document Editor, all without having to log into your account from a web browser.

With a paid account, ADrive provides all-hours email support, and it has posted quite a few helpful FAQs online. The website also hosts a forum, but you have to be a registered user to view it. The forum is active and current, however.

ADrive Summary:

ADrive provides a solid high-capacity online data backup storage solution with many intuitive and sophisticated tools and features. The service does become expensive as you increase your amount of backup space, however. The online version is a little bit trickier to use when compared to the desktop app.



It has a simple and sophisticated user interface, plus you can use up to 10TB of storage space.

The plans are a bit expensive when you calculate the cost per gigabyte of space.

The Verdict
: 5.88/10

Although it’s pricey, you won’t find too many services offering this much storage space.